2016 Race Results

Congratulations to all participants of the UltraAquathlon Singapore 2016!

You were all super awesome and we’re so proud of you!

Overall Champion for Male and Female

Race NoNameTimeGenderRepr CountryGun TimeSwim Lap 1Swim Lap 1_SPLITSwim Lap 2Swim Lap 2_SPLITSwim OutSwim Out_SPLITRunRun_SPLIT
135STEFFEN PFEIFER01:55:08MaleGermany07:41:2200:10:2600:10:2600:21:1600:10:5000:32:0900:10:5301:22:5801:22:58
66JENNIFER ZENKER02:08:19FemaleGermany07:44:4100:10:3500:10:3500:21:1900:10:4400:32:2100:11:0101:35:5801:35:58

* Ultra pariticipants qualify for this title only