Registration / Race Pack

Can I register on Race Day?

Sorry, we do not cater to Race Day registration

When is the closing date?

Registration will be closed once we have reached the maximum number of participants allowed

Is Race Pack collection compulsory?


What would I need to bring when collecting my Race Pack?

Please bring along the Paypal confirmation, a Photo ID and $50 refundable deposit

Can I send a representative to collect my Race Pack?

Yes, you may however please inform the organizer in writing (info@ultraaquathlon.com) of your intentions and do ensure your representative produces an authorization letter when collecting on your behalf

What is the Refund Policy?

There will be NO refund once your registration form has been processed

Are pets permitted at Race Site?

Yes, pets will be allowed on Race Venue but will not be permitted on Race Route. Appreciate if pets are leashed at all times.

Who can I contact for feedback/comments?

Feel free to drop us an email at info@ultraaquathlon.com for any comments / feedback

Race Day

Will there be a Race Briefing Session?

Race Briefing will be made available on our official website 10 days prior to the race

What are the cut-off times?

*please note that these times will be used a guideline

  •  2.25km swim (110 minutes)
  • 1.5km swim (70 minutes)
  • 750m swim (50 minutes)
  • 300m swim (20 minutes)

Race officially ends at 12:30pm so all runs should be completed by then

Are wetsuits permitted?

Sorry, no wetsuits allowed in this race. You might get a heat stroke wearing one, as water temperature is around 28 degrees celsius

Who can enter the Transition Area?

Only participants wearing Race Bibs (Race Number) and/or Timing Chips will be allowed into the Transition Area. Parents of Kids’ Dash participant may enter only before the Race begins. No person/s (unless participants) are permitted entry into Transition Area during Race duration unless permitted by the Organizer

Will there be officials keeping track of the number of loops I swim / run?

Sorry, but each participant is responsible for your own counting. However, there will be spotters (and timing system will be in use) to check if participants did not complete the required number of loops

Will I receive a medal upon finishing the Race?

Yes, all Finishers will receive a unique Ultra Biathlon 2015 medal

What should I do with my timing chip after completion of the Race?

Please return the chip to Organizer at the specified counter to redeem your deposit

What if I accidentally take my timing chip home?

Please return the chip to the Organizer no later than 15 days after Race Day, else you will be charged $100 for the timing chip.

Where can I see my results?

Official results will be made available on our official website within 72 hours. Only Top 3 winners will be announced upon race completion

Will there be a Lost & Found counter?

Yes, there will be a Lost & Found counter on Race Day. You may hand over found items through this counter too.